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Classes & Schedule

Achieve every goal you have ever set for yourself with group fitness that you customize to meet your specific needs. Classes are designed with a specific goal in mind and a rotation that allows for a perfect cycle. All the intensity, organization and instruction of personal training delivered in a group setting.

Class Schedule

Class Descriptions


This class blends a high paced tempo with total body, compound movements and light resistance to give you the ultimate workout for weight loss and tone.  With both Cardio/Core and HIIT style workouts in the rotation, you can be sure you will feel the burn, we guarantee!

Length: 45-50 minutes
Work Level: High Intensity/Moderate to High Impact
Equipment: Cones, agility ladders, medicine balls, dumbbells


The perfect workout to sculpt and tone every muscle in your body. This class combines high-rep, focused exercises (like Barre and Pilates) meant to build a lean frame with sculpted and toned muscles along with short bursts of light cardio and calisthenics to melt excess fat. The result is a tough workout that leaves you sore in places you didn’t know you could be sore!

Length: 45-50 minutes
Work Level: Moderate to High Intensity/Low to Moderate Impact
Equipment: Bands, Suspension Trainers, Dumbbells

Master core movements while building a lean and powerful physique in these resistance-based, total body workouts. Using barbells, dumbbells and kettle bells, the focus is to blend slow and controlled compound movement exercises and staple weight lifting/ power lifting moves into one beast-mode, kick-ass workout. You will be sore… and you’ll most likely love it.
Length: 45-50 minutes
Work Level: Moderate Intensity/Low to Moderate Impact
Equipment: Barbells/Dumbbells/Kettlebells

These are anything goes, circuit-based, bootcamp-style workouts meant to take you to your max. The name says it all. EXPECT TO WORK. Each class is designed to build maximal muscular and cardiovascular endurance while increasing agility and coordination. Come prepared with the mindset of killing it and you will have a great time!

Length: 45-50 minutes
Work Level: High Intensity/Moderate to High Impact
Equipment: all equipment at our disposal (and we have a bit:)


Using targeted range of motion exercises and a unique approach to mechanical correction, this class is designed to improve the way you move from head to toe. Eliminate imbalances, injuries, and inefficiencies that are holding you back from being a freely moving and perfectly balanced body. Think Yoga… for the non-yogi 😉

Length: 45 minutes
Work Level: Low to Moderate Intensity/Low Impact
Equipment: Bands, Suspension Trainers, Foam Rolls, HYPERSPHERE

Sunday Funday

An awesome way to start the week. A truly complete workout that includes cardio, core, total body strength training, and flexibility that is meant to set the tone for another kick butt week. Intense cardio and agility drills, coupled with weighted exercises and range of motion training designed to give the most complete workout possible.

Length: 70-75 minutes
Work Level: Moderate to High Intensity/Moderate to High Impact
Equipment: all equipment at our disposal (and we have a bit:)